Air Cooled Generating sets

Single Phase (1 Kva - 20 Kva)
Double Cylinder Water Cooled Generating Set


  • Choice between Radial (Cowling) / Axial (Blower) Type Engine for Air Cooled Generators.
  • Choice between Bearing Type (Main Bearing: Taper Roller Type & Lubricating Oil Pump: Plunger Type) & Bush Type (Main Bearing are of Copper Lead Bush and Lubricating Oil Pump is Gear Type) in Single Cylinder Engines.
  • 12V Electric Start System with Alternator for Battery Charging.
  • Control Panel & AMF Panel.
  • 60hHz Generators / A.C. Generators are also available.
  • Dual Voltage Generators / A.C. Generators are also available.
  • Sound Proofing Canopy.
  • Ratings other than that mentioned above, up to 65KVA for Generators & 82.5KVA for A.C. Generators can also be offered on specific request.
  • Welding Generators / Welding Alternators can also be offered.