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Movement is an essential ingredient of progress anywhere, it was even more so for independent India. For a vast sub-continent where time stood still for long, India needed power, fast, specifically for agriculture and irrigation. Founding fathers of Kaushal Group, as a matter of corporate objectives, chose to set up manufacturing activity to feed and supplement core sector of agricultural development of India. Therefore our units are engaged in manufacturing Diesel Engines, Diesel Pumping Sets, Diesel Generators, Centrifugal Pumps and non return Valves. Once the products found convincing acceptance in the domestic markets, the activities were expanded to international markets.

First manufacturing unit was set up in 1964 at Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Sustained efforts and goodwill have made us a composite group engaged in manufacturing of diesel engine and allied products and exporters of various light engineering & other products including GI Pipes, Deepwell Handpumps & Spares, Ceramic Sanitary Ware & Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles.

This is besides the fact that technology, manpower training, system automation and management tools are being upgraded on a continues basis to be in step with developments in technical field and also industrial environment. We are already in the process of obtaining ISO certification, which is expected to complete within next 2 -3 months.



Kaushal Industries, established in 1964 and located at Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh is engaged in manufacturing of diesel engines, diesel pumping sets, diesel generators, centrifugal water pumps, and non return valves.

Kaushal Castings, established in 1964 and shifted to Dholpur (in the state of Rajasthan - the princely state of India) 55kms. From Agra, in 2002, is the latest project, engaged in manufacturing of graded quality castings used in various sectors viz. A viz. Engineering, agriculture, automobile & domestic.

International Trading

We are also engaged in exports of products manufactured by ourselves as well as GI Pipes, Deepwell Handpumps & spares, ceramic sanitary ware & ceramic wall & floor tiles.


Presently we are exposed to countries around the globe. Talking specifically, they include countries in Indian Sub-Continent, Middle-East and Far-East Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. In India our buyers include private retailers, wholesalers, & various govt. & semi - govt. Organisations. As far as exports are concered, again, they include importers, distributors & various govt. & semi - govt. Organisations, including different bodies of UNO.


Our top management consists of masters of their discipline, be it production, finance, marketing or general management. They are solely guided by the will and zeal to do the best. We believe that manpower is the most important asset of any organization. For this we have built up qualified, talented, dynamic and innovative persons who are always striving to achieve perfection in their respective fields of operation.


Future is the vision that inspires to aim high. Past performance becomes the benchmark and confidence to turn opportunities into achievements.


Movement is progress, and for us it has been the reason and the result.

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